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Created by Templates Zoo

Designs by Grace Lee

Out and About: Road Trip

Out and About: Road Trip with Studio Basic Designs is an exciting new addition to their 'get-out-and-explore' collection. We have all been indoors SO much over the past year, that getting on the road with friends, family or simply solo with the perfect playlist, sounds like a totally brilliant idea! Whether it's a carefully planned expedition or a spur of the moment, just drive kind of adventure, 'Out and About: Road Trip' is jam-packed with all the pattern, color and fun ephemera you'll ever want to scrap, journal and record the journey!

This kit includes:
map inspired alpha,
37 papers (17 patterned and 20 background),
and 126 elements. The elements include: arrows, vehicles, postcards, lots of frames, pockets, geotags, stitching, cameras, road signs, flowers, foliage, maps, titles, and word art.

This kit is included in a bundle!

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