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Out and About: Mom On the Go

Mom is one of the hardest working people on earth and this week we get to go Out and About with the Mom on the Go.

Out and About: Mom On the Go with Studio Basic Designs is on a mission, organized and ready for whatever happens next - just like YOU. This kit is for all the Mom's out there, ready to show the world what multitasking really looks like. It's too easy for our other halves, the kids and often ourselves to overlook the juggling act that is our everyday life, so allow 'Out and About: Mom On the Go' to encourage you to journal and scrap about what your day really looks like, from the never-ending taxi service you provide to your kids, to the running around making sure everyone is clean, dressed, fed, entertained, homework done, and so much more! 
This kit is strong and feminine with lots of fun elements to reflect real life in your pages - from the emergency band-aid you have buried in your handbag to the essential caffeinated drink to keep you flying around! Bold, entertaining word art, cork board & post-it imagery plus the inevitable/essential hashtags, all coordinate beautifully with the pretty blooms, and indispensable finishing touches in reds, pinks, teals and post-it yellow!

Check out the coordinating packs!

The best deal is the bundle!
Out and About: Mom On the Go Bundle includes the kit, overlays, and journal cards.


by Trina
by Robin
by Sheryl

by Krisztina

by Charity

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