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Designs by Grace Lee

This Time of Year February: Bundle

This Time of Year February: Bundle is a well-rounded collection by Grace Lee and Crystal Livesay for documenting the second month of the year. When we think about February, a lot of times Valentine's Day and love come to mind; however, February is so much more. From cute hearts to clear number stickers, this kit has all that you need to capture everyday moments, make lists, and -- of course -- scrap about the people you love.

Besides the kit and journal cards, this collection includes a set of templates and a set of quick pages, made specifically for pocket albums and your everyday moments. These templates come complete with journal and photo prompts and lots of photo spots. The quick pages come with readymade clusters and journal cards that make completing a yearly project so easy. Use the prompts as is for guided memory keeping throughout the next year, or delete the journal layers and journal about photos from previous years.

This collections includes
1 kit (26 papers, 74 elements and 3 alphas)
10 journal cards
1 set of 4 12x12 pocket templates with journal prompts
and 1 set of 4 12x12 layered quickpages. 
All templates come in .psd, .tiff, and .png formats.

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